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Two Canoes One Wave _MG_4860 C BW.jpg

Two Canoes _MG_4975.jpg


Seagrass _MG_4606 BW.jpg

Sea Sail Sky _MG_4837.jpg

Mending Nets _MG_9671.jpg


Beachball _MG_5045.jpg

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Boatbeach Ballpark and Buildings_MG_2184

Sea Sky Sea Stone _MG_7371.jpg

Marine Sunset Moment


[Gomoa Fetteh, 2014]


In Ghana, there's a period of rains that lasts for about three months between July and October. This season of storms is interspersed by shifting clouds, and the spectacular fleeting colors of dramatic sunrise and sunset views offered by the open spaces and expansive vistas of large water bodies such as the Atlantic coast.

Shell in Shell In Sand In Sea _MG_4596 B


Quantum Rock Geometry 


[Prampram, 2020]


Just like the sacred geometry of fractals and the Chladni patterns of sound waves; The mathematics of universal ratios is clearly evident all around and within us. All we have to do is be attentive enough to appreciate their beauty of divine geometry.

© Eric Don-Arthur
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